Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note shipments hit 5 million

Samsung Galaxy Note shipments hit 5 million
More and more factual evidence suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Note is doing more than well with the latest statistics showing the gigantic device hitting the amazing 5 million shipments. That’s tremendous success for what’s seen by many as a rather niche device.

The Galaxy Note has been available globally for a mere five months. It launched in October, and stateside it arrived much later, but it seems that the US launch gave it a big push. 

Back in the beginning of the month, Samsung reported 2 million Notes sold, and now shipments are said to be 5 million.

To better help its sales, Samsung is launching an LTE version of the Galaxy Note in Japan next month, available on local carrier NTT DoCoMo.

The Samsung Galaxy Note with its humongous 5.3-inch display is a high-end device that won’t suite everyone. It comes with a built in stylus and the big display all point to creative artists as its main audience. And it was plain and clear that Samsung took a risk by introducing such a weird device, a “phablet,”somewhere between a phone and a tablet, an uncontested territory in the mobile market.

source: Samsung via SammyHub

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