Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dropped your Note in water? We tell you how to rescue it

Dropped your Lumia in water? Nokia tells you how to rescue itHave you ever sat there, watching transfixed as your phone fell out of your grasp into the nearest source of water (or other liquid)? For smartphone connoisseurs that probably ranks up there with the sickening crunch that comes when your wife’s car backs over something you were sure you placed on the seat.

There’s no way to recover a phone from physical destruction, but occasionally a quick-acting individual can save their phone from a water damage death.
The lighthearted guide should really be read on the steps below:

  1. Get the phone out of the water ASAP.
  2. Remove the SIM, external memory card, battery, and any the S-pen from the phone.
  3. Dry it off with a clean dry cloth or towel. DO NOT use paper towels as the bits can get stuck in the phone and prevent the phone from working! DO NOT use a hairdryer, as this may push water further into the phone.
  4. Leave the phone overnight somewhere warm and dry like next to a radiator, or put it in a bag of rice or wrap it in a towel to help absorb some of the excess moisture.
  5. Test the phone to see if you’ve successfully raised it from beyond the smartphone grave.


  1. Hi.... I had dropped my phone in water but its still working after i let it dry removing the battery and sim.. but the camera is not working now. what can be done to save it.

  2. just be glad it's still working..fuck the camera

  3. lol,that was the realest answer anyone cud have given!!!!!!! da fuck u mean wht can be done to save the camera,better be glad it powers up fuckin clown...

  4. Well... go to a shop to repair it

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