Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[ROM] Galaxy Note imilka's AOSP ICS IML74K v4.0.3

I really don't like TouchWiz at all, so, when the first ICS sources became available, a developer named 'Imilka' started porting AOSP (Android Open Source Program) to the Galaxy Note.

There are still some major and many minor bugs, but ROM seems to be stable and usable.

It is clean and clear ICS (4.0.3) without any modifications. This is not CM (Cyanogenmod), just AOSP. It may be used with tablet or with phone UI.


  • MAJOR: Video recording (camcorder) doesn't work (videos are not saved). Camera (taking pictures) working properly.
  • MAJOR: USB File transfer (MTP) doesn't work.
  • MINOR: First SMS Message is reported as not sent. It is NOT TRUE - first message sends correctly. This is just some false report.
  • MINOR: Sometimes Wi-Fi can't be re-enabled - that means sometimes you can't turn wifi on after you've turned it off. Reboot fixes that.

For more info on the ROM and for DOWNLOAD links, please head to the main XDA thread here.

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