Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A quad-core sporting Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 gets shown off on YouTube

All signs point at a launch of the updated Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in the nearest future, people. An updated version of the slate got handled on YouTube, showcasing a number of serious improvements, compared to the Note 10.1, which we encountered back in April.

The updated Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will feature a quad-core Exynos CPU and an S-Pen slot built in – right in line with the previous leaks on the subject.

Furthermore, the upcoming slate from Samsung features the same Pebble Blue finish as the Samsung Galaxy S III. Here goes the video itself.

Got your attention? If so, you can check out the updated Galaxy Note 10.1 do some S-Pen trickery on Adobe Photoshop Touch over here.

I guess all we are left with now, is to wait for an official word from Samsung. It probably won’t take long.



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  2. The Galaxy Note Tab 10.1 is a killer device Samsung have really upped the Thec on this tablet cant wait for the release june the rumor is will be picking it up :)

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